Asthma: Brief Explanation

Asthma: Brief Explanation

What is Asthma?

When the sensitive fibers of the lower respiratory tract inadequately react to the invasion of various stimuli (even such harmless as cold air), white blood cells rush to the «anxious» area, forming an inflammatory substance that causes swelling and makes breathing difficult. Difficulties the patient experiences not with inhalation, but with exhalation, which sometimes comes out with whistle. Breathing with a characteristic whistling sound for a long time was considered asthma sign.

For example, when coughing asthma as Canadian Health and Care Mall points out, breathing is not accompanied by a whistle, and therefore the patient is often mistakenly diagnosed with ARVI or bronchitis. And wheezing can be a sign not of asthma, but lungs emphysema or heart failure. Young people with a wheezing breath often take for asthma a very common vocal cords dysfunction.

Therefore, any asthma suspicion should be confirmed with the help of spirometry. The patient breathes into the tube, and the computer records the maximum exhalation force at the maximum inspiration; If there is asthma suspicion, spirometry is performed with preliminary inhalation of bronchodilator. Read more about asthma and what it is on Canadian Health&Care Mall — more about asthma

Causes of Asthma

Most of the citizens spend 90% of their time in poorly ventilated apartments and offices, where a lot of dust accumulates. The likelihood of picking up asthma is high among people coming to work after finishing school. Moving to a new place of residence, you also risk: changing situation, you may be attacked by new allergens. An allergy in a new place can develop within three years.

Recent studies have also confirmed that another important asthma cause is smoking. The fact that smoking is very common among girls may explain the high incidence of female asthma.

Learn your Asthma

Overcooling, playing sports, exhaust gas and food preservatives are just a few common reasons for bronchial asthma attack. But each patient has its own specific allergens. Food and pollen from plants rarely provoke asthma attacks in adults, but aerobic exercise may well lead to the fact that you begin to suffocate. In this case, you need to consult a doctor.

Sports and Your Health

Active healthy lifestyle is an integral part of life of any modern person. Fortunately, irrevocably passed the time when cigarette in the mouth and a bottle of beer in hands was cool. Now more and more people are giving up bad habits, choosing healthy food and sports.

Sport and healthy lifestyle are inextricably linked with each other. This is confirmed by a famous saying: «Where there is a sound body there must be a sound mind!» With this you can not argue: as a rule, athletes are determined and purposeful people, constantly moving forward. Positive impact of sport on health and character of a person has never been questioned and has long been scientifically proven. Not for nothing because even ancient Greeks paid special attention to physical loads of young men and girls, creating special institutions — gymnasiums.

Healthy lifestyle includes three basic rules: rejection of bad habits, proper nutrition and regular exercise. And if the first two points require great willpower from a person, then everyone can remember school lessons of physical education. Do not try to become a professional athlete, but simple physical exercise will benefit everyone. If you are ready to promise yourself to lead active healthy lifestyle, we are ready to help and tell you how to do exercises for greatest effect. First, let’s see why healthy lifestyle is so necessary?Live healthy

Influence of Sport on Health

On this subject, you can write a whole scientific work, considering this issue from a medical point of view. However, such a text is unlikely to be accessible and understandable to ordinary readers, so Canadian Health&Care Mall will only list those facts that are known to everyone almost from childhood.

  • Regular exercises improve posture. This contributes to correct arrangement of all human organs.
  • Bones and ligaments become stronger, which reduces risk of injuries when falling and bruises.
  • Heart becomes stronger, and, therefore, possibility of strokes and heart attacks in old age decreases.
  • Physical exercises improve blood circulation.
  • Sport and healthy lifestyle help to look better: provide beautiful fit figure.
  • Regular physical activity relieves stress, improves mood and increases efficiency of a person. Maybe that’s why people who are engaged in sports from their youth, even in old age, look young, suffer less from ills and always smile.

You can read more details about sports influence on people’s life and health here —

Now that you’ve learned about how big sport’s impact on human health is, you’ll probably want to start training right now. Do not rush, first read some recommendations.

How to Play Sports for Health?

First of all, soberly assess your strength. In such issue as physical exertion, the main thing is not to overdo it. If you are a beginner athlete, you should pay special attention to your own feelings. Do not engage in «until I fall down». As soon as you feel that muscles have worked hard enough, stop exercise. Do not be discouraged if you do not immediately get many sets or achieve a certain result. Success will come gradually over time. Do not harm yourself in such a good intention, as to lead active healthy lifestyle.

Dose loads according to age. It is clear that small children, adolescents and elderly people are contraindicated to take loads associated, for example, with lifting heavy things. Men and women of middle age can work on certain muscle groups that are considered problematic.

Training should be regular. Only then is it possible to achieve the desired result. And if your sports are limited to visit to gym twice or thrice in six months, sports and healthy lifestyle will not affect you in any way.

If you decide to work out at home, nothing should distract you from the task, so warn all relatives that the next hour or two you can not be bothered. And better invite them to train with you. it is much more fun and easier that way!

However, with all desire not always there is opportunity to play your favorite sport. Probably, there are no conditions for classes, there may not be financial opportunities to pay for coach’s services and buy equipment, and maybe to start doing it is just late. Do not give up! Canadian Health&Care Mall offers overview of the most accessible to beginners sports that will help keep yourself in shape at no particular cost. Choose what you like and go ahead!

Sports for Beginners

Athletics. «Queen of Sports» is located in our list under the first number not accidentally. Surely, next to your house there is an equipped park or stadium, where you can arrange morning or evening jogs. In the last case, you can run around the house. And it will only require comfortable sportswear and shoes. Running trains muscles of legs and heart system.

Swimming. A great way to spend your free time. Go to the pool at least once a week. It’s not necessary to immediately swim at speed, for a while, just move in the water until the body gets used to loads. You will need a bathing suit and a rubber cap. Swimming trains shoulder girdle and heart system.

Hiking. Every day, wading through forest thickets, ravines and windbreaks — a great opportunity to harden not only the body, but the spirit. For a hiking trip you will need a fun company, sports clothes and shoes, and interesting traffic route. Tourism trains, first of all, endurance: both physical and moral.healthy lifestyle is coolDancing. Any kind of dance can be considered a sport. You will learn to beautifully hold your back, own your body and strengthen a lot of muscles. Sign up, for example, on hip-hop or ballroom dancing.

Skiing. In winter it is difficult to come up with a more suitable occupation for the whole family than skiing. Take necessary equipment and go to a winter fairy tale. Just dress warmly, so that the joy of training is not overshadowed by runny nose and fever.

As you can see, even for an untrained person there are many options for playing sports. To do this, you do not need a lot of money, nor a lot of time — this is just childish excuses for lazy people. The main thing is to want to be active and healthy and understand why you need it. Canadian HealthCare Mall team hopes that after reading this article, healthy lifestyle will become an integral part of your family.

How to Care about your Eyes and Eyesight

Health is a very important component of comfortable life, whether it concerns absence of pain or quality of work of any organ. trying to preserve possibility of comfortable existence is always necessary, as Canadian Health Care Mall experts say. Last but not least, this concerns eyesight — main source of information about world around us. Extreme stress for eyes that has haunted us in recent years adversely affects condition of eyes, causing pain and redness, and in especially severe cases, diseases leading to poor eyesight. How to preserve this valuable gift for many years read below and also get more information on this subject here —

Proper Nutrition

Strangely enough, you should start with food. Lack of important components in food leads to disruption in functioning of vital systems. It has long been known that for normal functioning of organs of vision, vitamin A is needed, which is contained in carrots, liver, eggs. To fully digest this vitamin it is necessary to consume fats, so it is better to eat carrots with oil. It is also beneficial for eyes to use beets and citrus fruits. Also blueberry helps to support eyesight, but it’s worth remembering that it is necessary to eat it regularly.eye care with canadian pharmacy mall

Morning Exercises

To support work of eye muscles special exercises are used. They help to remove fatigue and reduce negative impact of electronics on eyes, as well as improve blood flow to eyes. Exercises for training are quite simple. First: look at the object, located close, then look at the point in distance, and again at the object nearby. This action is performed 12 — 15 times. One more exercise: without turning your head to look from top to bottom and vice versa, then from right to left and in the opposite direction. Those who make these simple movements can try circular eye movements. But in the end — blink, tightly closing your eyelids.

Beware of Colors

As Canadian Pharmacy Mall studies show, bright flashy colors, such as red, irritate and tire eyes. At the same time, natural shades of yellow, green and aquamarine are beneficial, that’s why you should choose the most natural colors for interior design. The same can be said about light. Very bright light irritates eyesight, at the same time, insufficient illumination of the room leads to overexertion of eyes and rapid fatigue. Light should be directed in such a way that object is clearly visible, but it does not blind you.

Proper Management

Significant part of our time we spend at work, and almost every workplace involves presence of computer or office supplies. It is desirable that the desktop is located at the window, on the table you need to put a lamp with a light-proof lampshade. Ideally, light should fall from the left a little in front, this position is the most convenient for perception with our eyes. Presence of bright details on the table will be constantly distracting, so it is better to limit them. During reading, document should be no closer than 30 — 40 centimeters from the eyes. Reading lying, as well as in a bus or with poor lighting results in heavy load on eyes and impaired vision. Also doctors recommend taking small breaks every hour of working with paper or computer. It’s enough just to look away and look at the landscape outside the window. At this time, eyes will get a little rest, and you can avoid chronic fatigue.

Do not Forget about Correction

If you already have problems with visual acuity, they must be taken into account in everyday life. Usually, children prefer not to wear glasses, considering them uncomfortable. But modern means can offer a wide enough choice, suitable for each patient, you only need to spend a little time. To select glasses it is necessary to go to doctor who will estimate condition of sight and outlined problems demanding obligatory decision. If doctor’s recommendations are not observed and patient refuses to wear it, he does not see the world well and therefore is forced to constantly strain his eyesight, which in turn leads to even worse visual impairment. In addition to classic glasses and lenses, there are surgical methods for solving the problem, many of which are simple and painless today. The issue, as a rule, rises in money and fears of to care about your eyes

Where there is a Sound Body…

Keeping to healthy lifestyle is also an important point in maintaining visual acuity. Sports activities allow you to normalize blood circulation throughout the body, including organs of vision. Cigarette smoke irritates not only mucosa of respiratory system, but also eyes, causing inflammation and redness. Compliance with hygiene can avoid infectious diseases, consequences of which can become quite severe. And of course, healthy sleep. During night our body has time to recover, organs to rest and prepare for a new working day. That’s why sleep is so important for good eyesight.

Facts and Myths about Sleep

Sleep — what could be better than this word! It is studied by scientists about its benefits write articles, it is surrounded by myths and interesting facts, which Canadian Health Care Mall — — have tried to gather in one place.

Myths about Sleep

Myth № 1. Go to Bed at First Opportunity

At weekends we try to sleep as long as possible, hoping to get enough sleep for the week ahead. Pregnant women are told that they should sleep now, then there will be no time to sleep, etc. But scientists recommend setting a regime and trying to follow it 7 days a week. Of course, there are times when we have to ignore sleep: holidays, urgent work, etc. But for the most part, it’s worthwhile to go to bed and get up at the same time.

Myth №2. Training in the Evening, You will Get Tired and Fall Asleep More Quickly

Myths and Facts about sleep

Generally, it is believed that exercising in the evening, you are cause excess blood flow, and then it will be more difficult to fall asleep. Doctors recommend finishing training 3 hours before bedtime. The ideal time for exercises is 5 pm. Although here everything is purely individual, it all depends on physiological characteristics and intensity of training.

Myth №3. The Older We Become, the Less Sleep We Need

This is far from truth. Need for sleep remains unchanged, but the fact that with age it becomes more difficult to fall asleep is true.

Myth №4. Sleep Helps to Relax Brain

Brain rests in case of change of activity, but not during sleep. Sleep is needed to restore our physical strength.

Myth №5. If You Wake Up in the Middle of the Night, then You Need to Lie in Bed, otherwise You will Completely «Wake Up»

If you woke up at night, then lying in bed is not the best idea. In addition to broken state and back pain, you will not achieve anything. Better get up, walk for 15 — 20 minutes. But do not turn on the TV. Look out the window, dream, and sleep will come to you.

Myth №6. The More Time You Spend in Bedroom before Going to Bed, the Faster you Fall Asleep

Just the opposite. Try to have only rest in this room. No TV, books, computer, etc.

Myth №7. Night Sex will Only Shake Off the Slumber

Do you know the situation when a partner comes to bed late and starts to molest you? And you are to get up early, and you are afraid not to fall asleep later. And did you know that good sex is a good soothing and lulling remedy. It removes stress, increases content of hormones of joy in the body, relaxes, and you sleep much better and get enough sleep. Think about it.

Myth №8. A Glass of Wine will Help you Calm Down and Fall Asleep

Alcohol, of course, relaxes and helps you fall asleep quickly, but you can wake up during night, and this does not contribute to good sleep.

In general, there are a lot of myths, these are the most common ones. And now some interesting information gathered by Canadian Health and Care Mall experts.

Interesting Facts about Sleep

  1. Are you sleeping enough? To understand this, answer the question, how quickly do you fall asleep? If this occurs within 5 minutes — it means that you are not sleeping enough. Normal period for falling asleep is 10 — 15 minutes.
  2. Do you know that children and teenagers need the same number of hours of sleep — 10? Adults are enough 6 — 8 hours.
  3. Young parents do not sleep enough in the first year of life of the baby by about 450 — 750 hours.
  4. 17 hours without sleep and rest do not allow us to concentrate, as well as 0,05% of alcohol in blood.
  5. People who do not sleep enough for a long time get drunk faster.
  6. People snore only during slow phase of sleep.
  7. Did you know that about 70% of people think that they fall during sleep and try to catch something? The fact is that when we fall asleep, our brain sends signals to muscles about falling, as a result of which they contract, and we can move our hands and feet. These signals brain sends because we change position of the body from vertical to horizontal, and brain does not have time to switch.
  8. In the stage of rapid sleep, movements of our eyes repeat movements of our body during sleep.
  9. Some animals go in circles around the place where they are going to fall asleep. This habit they inherited from their ancient ancestors. But ancestors did it in order to stamp the grass flat to make it more comfortable to sleep.
  10. During sleep we go through 5 stages that do not repeat.
  11. During deep sleep, heart rate, blood pressure and breathing reach their minimum value for the day.
  12. Women and elderly people suffer from insomnia more often than others.
  13. Maximum number of days spent without sleep is 18. At this a person experiences memory disorder, hallucinations and difficulties in orientation in space.
  14. Some people may sleep with their eyes open and not even suspect about it.
  15. Backlight of alarm clock can disrupt your sleep cycle. Therefore, try to sleep in total darkness, and let the light from figures emerge in the opposite direction from you.
  16. A man has discovered most of the facts about sleep over the past 25 years.
  17. Women need 1 hour more sleep than men.

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8 Risk Factors for Hair Loss by Canadian Health and Care Mall

Each of us can face hair loss. Only degree of severity of the problem in each case will be different. Usually, intensity of hair loss depends on several factors. They increase risk to get severe problems with hair, even if your family has not had any baldness cases. Below you will learn about most common risk factors for hair loss presented by Canadian Pharmacy Mall.

Hair Loss

What Increases Risk of Hair Loss?

  1. Hereditary predisposition. If at least one parent suffered from hair loss (alopecia), it is very likely that you will also face this problem. This case is not like any other case of hair loss and always causes a lot of questions about how and when the disease first appears, its treatment, etc.
  2. Serious illness, severe infection or complicated surgery. Some diseases, such as autoimmune, can lead to hair loss. The most dangerous for hair are trichophytosis of scalp, lupus, various thyroid dysfunction. In addition to systemic diseases, harmful effects on hair follicles can be caused by serious infections, especially those that are accompanied by high fever. Besides, any illness or surgery is sever stress for body and mind. So, it can lead to hormonal imbalance and hair loss. By the way, hair loss for no apparent reason may in itself be a sign of hidden serious illness and cause for thorough examination.
  3. Age. Hair loss problem often exacerbates after 50 years. This is associated with hormonal changes in the body, vascular problems, and reduction in its adaptive capacity.
  4. Strong and complex drug therapy. Certain medications and some medical courses can provoke serious problems with scalp and cause hair loss. These side effects occur at blood thinners, medicines for treatment of gout and arthritis, acne, psoriasis and some heart medications, oral contraceptives and antidepressants.
  5. Pregnancy and childbirth. As explained by Canadian Health and Care Mall experts, during pregnancy hair continues to grow, and almost does not fall out because of increased levels of certain hormones, even if their natural life cycle came to an end. But after 2-3 months, when hormonal background is beginning to recover, they fall almost simultaneously. This creates impression of abundant hair loss after childbirth.
  6. Insufficient nutrition or unbalanced diet. Lack of vitamins and minerals, as well as animal protein — one of the most common causes of hair loss. This problem may well be faced by vegetarians or those who constantly keeps to strict diets, especially excluding proteins. Due to the lack of protein — main building material — hair does not get adequate nutrition, stop growing and begin to fall abundantly in a few months. The problem of hair loss also often appears in those who suffer from a variety of eating disorders.
  7. Anti-cancer and chemotherapy. Most drugs used to treat cancer stop division of cells. And this can not but affect state of hair follicles and cause hair loss after chemotherapy. Hair become thin and brake near skin surface. A person can lose all of hair, but with favorable course of disease after treatment hair restores.
  8. Improper hair care. Incorrectly chosen skin cosmetic means and mechanical damage of hair and scalp can exacerbate hair loss. But this risk factor is perhaps the most harmless of all factors that can trigger hair loss.

Effect of Nicotine on the Body

What is It?

Mankind smokes from time immemorial. History of tobacco in the world goes back three thousand years. Struggle with this «sweet» poison at the international level actively began only in the last century, and there is no clear evidence that «healthy lifestyle» wins. A huge army of smokers provides guaranteed profit to tobacco companies in the world, because, despite all measures taken by health organizations in most countries, tobacco is still the most affordable and widely used drug.

First nicotine was obtained from tobacco only in 1809 by Vauquelin and later (in 1828) Reimann and Posselt gave first description of pure alkaloid nicotine, which is an oily transparent liquid with sharp, burning taste of alkaline reaction. Nicotine boils at a temperature of 140 — 145, is dissolvable in water, alcohol and ether, and is a very strong poison.120 methods to treat smoking addiction

Strength of nicotine action is not the same for all animals. It has been proved that degree of endurance of animals to nicotine is inversely proportional to development of their nervous system, i. e., animals with developed nervous system tolerate nicotine worse. Accordingly, all mammals, which also applies to people, are very sensitive to nicotine. In this respect exception are only sheep and goats, especially the latter, who can eat significant amounts of tobacco leaves without harm to their health.

What Happens?

The body gets used to nicotine, which is known: amount of nicotine that an average smoker consumes, of course, would have caused poisoning in non-smoker. Cigar weighing 6 g contains 0,3 g of nicotine. If an adult swallows a cigar, he may die; 20 cigars or 100 cigarettes per day can also cause death from smoking. An interesting fact is that a leech put on smoker will soon fall off in convulsions and die of human blood, containing nicotine.

The paradox is that from smoking nicotine no one die because dose received by smoker is too small. Numerous deadly diseases are caused by other more harmful substances: there are about four thousand of them in smoke. Nicotine makes a person smoke. Some experts in the field of dependence consider tobacco the most potent addictive drug, which is in the same group with heroin and cocaine. Nicotine acts through receptors in joints of nerve cells in brain and muscle tissue. These receptors recognize it instantly as soon as it enters the body. As a result, work of nervous impulse that controls state of vessels, muscles, glands of external and internal secretion is distorted. When receptors signal about presence of nicotine, blood pressure increases and peripheral circulation slows down. Waves in brain change and give impetus to a number of endocrine and metabolic effects.

Mental and physical health of smoker, as well as situation in which smoking occurs, can cause feeling of relaxation and cheerfulness. In stressful situations, a cigarette has calming effect, and in relaxed state as a stimulant. Once the body gets used to a certain level of nicotine in blood, it will seek to maintain it, and a man again looks for a cigarette.

In its action nicotine is a stimulant of breath. Also nicotine has property to cause the so-called withdrawal syndrome. At long-term use, as in case of smoker, nicotine ceases to stimulate respiration and at withdrawal causes its depression. Discomfort that a person experiences when quitting smoking is related to this fact. This condition develops during the first day and may last from one to two weeks.

Unfortunately, smoking is harmful not only to person who is addicted to tobacco, but also to those around him. Passive smokers, according to numerous Canadian Health and Care Mall studies, only 1,5 times less likely to suffer from effects of other people smoking than smokers themselves.

There are many articles written by Canadian Healthcare Mall on the subject of how harmful smoking is and how to quit, influence of smoking during pregnancy and lactation on fetus and many others. Follow the link — — to read more interesting information.


Smokers can be divided into three groups:

  1. nicotine addiction is absent, smoking is explained by psychological dependence;
  2. there is a nicotine addiction;
  3. combination of both types of addiction — psychological and physical (nicotine).

For a quick determination of addiction there can be asked three questions to which a person must answer «yes» or «no»:

  • Do you smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day?
  • Do you smoke during the first half hour after waking up?
  • Do you feel strong craving to smoke or withdrawal symptoms during attempts to quit smoking?

If all questions had affirmative answers, it indicates high degree of dependence on nicotine. You can calculate smoker index, proposed by European Respiratory Society, if you want. The number of cigarettes smoked per day is multiplied by 12. If index exceeds 200, degree of dependence on nicotine is high.

In addition, currently various methods of diagnosis of nicotine dependence were developed. Objective tests include determination of smoke markers: level of carbon monoxide (CO) in exhaled air, concentration of thiocyanate, nicotine, cotinine or other metabolites in blood, urine or saliva.

smoking statistics


As with any addiction, smoking is treated very difficult. You can’t make patient quit smoking. Only by persuasion it is possible to form his personal motivation to quit smoking.

In cases of formed nicotine addiction and emergence of withdrawal symptoms, Canadian Pharmacy Mall recommends individually differentiated and therefore effective therapy.


Canadian Health&Care Mall about Subjective and Objective Measurement of Cigarette Smoke Inhalation: Methods

inhalationSubjects and Subjective Assessment

Nineteen habitual smokers participated in this study. All gave informed consent and received financial remuneration. Information was obtained on brands of cigarettes currently smoked, number of cigarettes smoked each day, age started smoking regularly, and from this pack-years, a product of the usual number of packs smoked per day and the number of years smoking, was computed. Thirteen subjects smoked cigarettes containing at least 15 mg of tar, and the yield of brands usually smoked by the remaining six subjects varied from 6 to 14 mg of tar. The subjects were asked whether smoke was inhaled, and if so, whether it was inhaled slightly, moderately, or deeply. In addition, subjective rating of inhalation was indicated on a visual analog scale consisting of a vertical line, 10 cm long. At the lower end was the statement “never inhale” and at the other end, “inhale as deeply as possible.” The significance of die line was explained to all die subjects, and they were requested to make a mark along the line that best indicated the depth that they inhaled cigarette smoke into their lungs. The distance of the mark from the “never inhale” end of the scale was measured in millimeters. Canadian Health&Care Mall provided studies on how to quit smoking effectively. Read on


Canadian Health&Care Mall’s Subjective and Objective Measurement of Cigarette Smoke Inhalation

cigarette smokingWhile the cardinal importance of cigarette smoking in the development of chronic airflow limitation is undisputed, epidemiologic surveys show a poor correlation between total tobacco consumption and the degree of functional abnormality. Smokers are also aware of this anomaly and repeatedly cite examples of life long smokers with no curtailment of longevity. Indeed, there is no means of predicting the relatively small number of habitual smokers likely to develop chronic airflow limitation. Attempts to relate susceptibility to the deleterious effects of smoking to constitutional factors, such as varying levels of ai-antitrypsin, have been unsuccessful.


Canadian Health&Care Mall: Deliberatins of Lymphomatoid Granulomatosis with Impaired Cellular Immunity

hypersensitivityWe have described a patient suffering from LYC with impairment of cellular-mediated immunity. Skin tests for delayed hypersensitivity with PPD, SK-SD and mumps vaccine were negative. In vitro stimulation of lymphocytes with Con A and PWM were depressed, though PHA stimulation and the number of T and В lymphocytes was normal. These results indicate a functional cellular defect which is in agreement with the observations of Hammar and Gortner.